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Wilson CB Antennas

With 30 years of knowledge and engineering experience in the design of antennas, Wilson has become the recognized leader in CB radio antennas. The Wilson 5000 is now the choice of the serious CBer.The Wilson 5000 is the top performing base loaded CB radio antenna for the automobile. Wilson used the basic design of the Trucker 5000 with the exclusive low loss coil and proven performance qualities of the Wilson 1000. The Wilson trademark of designing an antenna with maximum efficiency is continued in the Wilson 5000.

Wilson center load CB antennas

Wilson base load CB antennas

Wilson Trucker CB antennas

Wilson CB antennas

  Wilson Base load CB Antenna
Center load antennas

The History

Wilson has devoted over 35 years to the design and development of the highest performing CB radio antennas available. The higher gain performance of the Wilson antennas is the result of this long association within the communications field. CB ers and amateurs throughout the world will recognize Jim Wilson's name - thousands are still enjoying the superior performances of CB base station antennas ( such as the Shooting Star, the Laser Beams, the V-Quad, the V 5/8 ) that were developed for you in the past by Jim, who founded and was president of Wilson Electronics.

In 1985, Jim wasn't satisfied with the performance of his base loaded CB mobile antenna. The antenna just did not seem to have nearly the same transmitting power that his 102" whip had. He decided to test various base loaded antennas, and found that they had much lower transmitted power output compared to a 102" whip. Jim found that they had excessive power losses in the loading coil and matching networks. After identifying the problems, and with the knowledge of how to correct them, he then developed a CB radio antenna that would have maximum power gain and the durability that would last for years.

After two years of development, the Wilson 1000 was a reality. We said it is the best performing, most powerful base loaded CB antenna available. To prove the 1000's performance, we contacted Lockheed Corporation (one of the world's largest aerospace companies ) to test our new antenna on their multi-million dollar Rye Canyon Laboratory and Antenna Test Range. The test was conducted using one of the best known CB antennas on the market, the K-40 Electronics ( American Antenna ) K-40 Antenna as the standard reference. The Wilson 1000 was determined by Lockheed Engineers to have ( on 27.405 MHz , channel 40 ) 58% more gain ( 2 db ) than the K-40 Antenna. This means that the Wilson 1000 gives you 58% more gain on both transmit and receive. A new era in CB antennas was ushered in by, once again, a Wilson designed antenna.

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