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police scanners

police scanners

police scanners

police scanners police scanners
police scanners police scanners
* Cutting Edge Technology *

Portable / Combo - Mobile Desktop / Desktop Police Scanners

Portable Police Scanners
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Uniden Police Scanner Model  72xlt
BC72XLT - Our Price Only $89.95 Buy smart Save $$$
100 channels and 10 banks, Close Call™ RF capture technology, 10 programmable search ranges, 6 preprogrammed service searches. Covers bands 25-54,108-174,406-512

uniden police scanner model 95xlt BX95XLT - Our Price Only $109.95 Buy smart Save $$$  Sold Out
200 channel with 10 banks and 800MHz coverage. Covers bands 25-54, 108-174, 406-12,806-956 MHz (excluding cellular)

uniden bc346 police scanner

BC346T - Our Price Only $234.95 Buy smart Save $$$
The BC346XT comes equipped with features like Uniden's exclusive Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call Capture Technology
and GPS compatibility features and much more

Uniden Police Scanner Model  396t

BCD396T - Our Price Only $549.95 Buy smart Save $$$
Digital scanning - 3000 channel compact digital scanner compact design with dynamic memory, APCO 25 digital scanner, with 12 preprogrammed service searches, 6000 dynamically allocated channels - (3000 typical). Receives Trunk tracker IV, CTCSS/DCS Decode, alpha tagging, PC control (programming software downloadable). Backlit keypad - Makes it easy to use in low-light conditions.

Combination - Mobile - Desktop Police Scanners
Uniden Police Scanner Model  bc350c BC350C - Our Price Only $109.95 Buy smart Save $$$
100 user programmable memories with preprogrammed service search, search lockouts and backlit display. Covers bands 25-54,108-174,406-512,806-956 (excluding cellular)

Uniden Police Scanner Model  bct8 BCT8 - Our Price Only $189.95 Buy smart Save $$$  Sold Out
250 User programmable memories, Bear Tracker warning system with 800 MHz, TrunkTracker III, preprogrammed highway patrol frequencies by State, search lockouts, Motorola analog trunking, EDACS / EDACS, SCAT, LTR, covers bands 25-54,108-174,400-512,806-956 (excluding cellular)

Uniden police scanner model bct15 BCT15 - Our Price Only $239.95 Buy smart Save $$$
2500 Dynamically allocated channels in up to 500 systems - provides you with plenty of room for all your local action.BearTracker™ Warning System - alerts you when channels normally used by public safety systems are in use nearby. State-by-State preprogrammed channels - let you easily keep up with activity on local police, Department of Transportation, and Highway Patrol frequencies when you travel, without having to program any channels.

Police scanner model Uniden BCD996T BCD996T - Our Price Only $559.95 Buy smart Save $$$
Digital scanning - The BCD996T scanner is a state-of-the-art scanner radio with Trunk Tracker IV™ and automatic scanning capabilities. You can store in the dynamic memory conventional frequencies such as police, fire / emergency, marine, air, amateur, and other communications. Store and scan services that use Trunked Radio Systems and so much more. Scan both conventional and trunked systems at the same time.
Desktop Police Scanners
Uniden police scanner model 340CRS

BC340CRS Our Price Only $99.95 Buy smart Save $$$
The BC340CRS scanner is a multi-featured conventional channel scanner. You can easily enter and store frequencies for police, fire/emergency, marine, air, amateur, and other radio services into 100 channels distributed over 10 banks. The scanner also lets you listen to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather broadcasts for valuable information specific to your location.

Police scanner adapter

AM/FM to scanner adapter - Allows one to use the existing auto's AM/FM radio antenna to receive scanner frequencies. Does not interfere with AM/FM radio reception. One lead connects to the AM/FM radio, a second lead connects to the scanner. The AM/FM antenna coax lead plugs into the unit. It's that simple.

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