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Details on radio modifications

All Services and Repairs come with a 90 Day parts and labor Warranty.

Noise toys

The single noise toy is a 20 or 60 second record able module that is installed into the radio; it is connected to an existing or external switch to trigger the toy. The noise toy activates whenever the switch is toggled. Select jokes, music, movie clips, TV bits, anything on cassette, CD or computer wave file can be put on the record able toy up to 20 seconds long or 60 seconds long for the PP2 toy. Select from our list of toys or email us with a wave file of your choice. The toy module is re-record able. A different sound can be recorded over the old sound at a later date if desired. The PP2 (60 second) toy is needed when the preferred sound exceeds 20 seconds in length.

Placement instructions may be added to the note section when placing the order.
Please indicate the desired switch to use and how you would like the factory's function set. In addition list a second choice switch in the event the first switch selection can not be used.
For Example: Use the BRT/DIM switch. Set the lights to bright.

Some radio models have no useable front panel switches. In this case a switch is added. We usually add a switch to the right side of the radio.

Click this link to view the noise toys available and listen to the sounds before purchasing : Preview Toys

Please note that if a switch is added to the side or back of the radio a hole will have to be drilled. Drilling a hole in the case may void the factory warranty.

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