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Details on radio modifications

All Services and Repairs come with a 90 Day parts and labor Warranty.

Relay Talkback on a variable volume control (For 10 Meter radios & similar chassis):

Relay Talkback is a talkback function that can be added to an Export style radio in order to replace the factory designed Talkback. Talkback enables the radio operator to hear his/her voice through the radio's internal speaker or an external speaker

A Relay Talkback is is highly recommended for Galaxy, Connex, Ranger, Virage, and North Star radios. The built in factory talkback can be unstable resulting in squealing or the uncontrollable raising and lowering of the talkback volume for no apparent reason.

This option allows for the Relay Talkback to be put on variable volume control. The control allows the operator to adjust the talkback's volume level. The volume control is mounted on the side or the back of the radio.

Talkback is imperative if you intend to add a noise toy. It enables the user to hear when the toy has finished, and also aids in setting an echo.

The acoustics of every auto varies from one auto to another. External speakers have a different tone and loudness characteristics from one brand and model to another. The sensitivity of one brand of mic compared to another is also quite different. This method of talkback enables the end user to set the loudness to the exact level that is correct for the users brand of speaker, placement of speaker and type of mic used.

Please indicate the desired control placement or which function to replace.
For Example: Use the dimmer control. We recommend installing the control in place of a control in the face of the radio in order to preserve the manufactures warranty. Placement instructions may be added to the note section when placing the order.

Please note that if the control is added to the side or back of the radio a hole will have to be drilled. Drilling a hole in the case may void the factory warranty.

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