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Details on radio modifications

All Services and Repairs come with a 90 Day parts and labor Warranty.

Roger beep installed in the radio with on/off switch added

Roger Beep is a marker tone that triggers when un keyed. It produces a high pitch tone that is approximately 1/2 second in length. It is installed inside the radio and normally put on an existing switch so that it may be turned off and on.

If a suitable switch is not available, a switch can be added to the side or back of the radio.

Please indicate the preferred placement (right, left or back). If the radio has a mic jack on the side, the side opposite the mic jack is usually the preferred side due to space limitations

Placement instructions may be added to the note section when placing the order.

CAUTION: keep in mind that if a switch is added to the side or back of the radio a hole will have to be drilled. Drilling a hole in the case may void the factory warranty. We recommend using a front panel switch such as the ch9, Brt/Din, Tone, etc in order to preserve the factory warranty.

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