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High Quality Antenna Mounting Kits for Motorcycles!

Firestik Motorcycle Antenna Mounting Kits include the mount and coax

cb radio antenna mounting kits (MKDM18R)  This mount has a single chrome plated brass insert and is molded of 30% glass reinforced nylon. It is the quality you deserve and have come to expect from Firestik. The base diameter of the mount and the overall height is only 2" (51mm). With a simple 1/2" (13mm) hole, you can put this mount on any flat horizontal surface. Because of the "very" low profile, coax termination, this is the ideal set-up for roof mounts. The underside space consumption is only 0.710" (18mm) so it will work well under most headliners. We include a rubber gasket to seal out water and a sturdy support washer too.

cb radio antenna mounting kits
(MKM2)  Side body mount If you are looking for a side mount with some style, than this is the set up for you. This kit includes the molded side mount and 18 ft (5.5m) of professional grade Fire-Flex coaxial cable. If adding a spring with a base diameter larger than 0.700", a split lock washer is required between the mount and the spring to ensure proper seating of the spring to the mount surface. For use with antennas up to 4 feet long.

cb radio antenna mounting kits
(MK64A8A ) Vertical or Horizontal bar mount & coax - Single Antenna System
This kit is the premium set-up for those wanting a single antenna system. You get our popular 3-way stainless steel mount and 18 ft (5.5m) of professional grade coaxial cable all in one package! And, because you buy it in a kit form, you save money

cb radio antenna mounting kits
(MK204R)  Adjustable swivel bracket mount & coax - Single Antenna System
This mount in this kit allows you utilize a flat vertical surface, regardless of the angle. The antenna stud mounts to an adjustable swivel bracket to allow you to keep the antenna vertical in spite of any left/right tilt of the mounting surface. The antenna stud bracket swivels a full 180 degrees making the possible mounting applications many. You get a quality stainless steel mount and 18 ft quality coax.

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