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Radio Repair Services

We offer service and repair to practically all brands and models of CB and 10-meter transceivers.

We can handle minor to the most complex type problems. Our Technicians are component level Tech's and can handle cracked boards, cold joints, even the most complex thermal intermitting component level repairs. We have made a significant investment in equipment. Each technician's work bench incorporates a signal generator, oscilloscope, frequency counter, and top of the line soldering and de-soldering equipment. We also have invested in a high end microscope for examining cold solder joints and cracks in the circuit trace that can not be seen even with a standard magnifier.

Component level & intermitting type repairs are charged according to the complexity of the failed circuit and time spent to repair the circuit. Intermitting failures usually require one to four hours of hands on time. In order to keep the repair feasible we have capped labor rates. Our technicians exercise judgment. If the price to repair the unit exceeds 60% of new cost, the repair will be held and estimated.

In the event CRS is not able to repair the equipment, there is no charge for time spent on the repair. If an estimate is declined a bench check fee will apply.

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