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We have included a definition reference page simply to help the individual that does not know the definition of certain words. We have found this to be the case with several words a surprising percentage of the time. Our goal is to eliminate misunderstandings not to belittle or humiliate our customers.

Normally - Under normal or usual conditions; as a rule : normally, it takes three or four years to complete the training.
Usually, ordinarily, as a rule, generally, in general, mostly, for the most part, by and large, mainly, most of the time, on the whole; typically, customarily, traditionally.

By definition we are are using the word to explain that we ship within a certain specified time frame most of the time. We are not claiming or guaranteeing that we will ship within that specified time frame 100% of the time.

Estimate - An approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.
"at a rough estimate, our staff is recycling a quarter of the paper used"
synonyms: rough calculation, approximation, estimation, rough guess; costing, quotation, valuation, evaluation; informal guesstimate
"an estimate of the cost"

By definition we are using the word in order to give an approximation not an exact dollar amount, shipping date, or repair time frame.

Business Day - Another term for workday. Our workday as stated is Monday thru Saturday providing no holiday lands on the workday. We observe the following holidays below.

We are closed Thanksgiving day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas - the preceding and following day, and New Years Day.

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