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Antenna System Troubleshooting

At Clay's we do more than slap a meter in line, check the SWR and call it good. We perform a thorough Antenna System evaluation. Eight Antenna System checks are performed. If the Antenna is removed, a lock washer is installed and locktite is used on the threads. If the Antenna stud is removed, a star washer is installed.

Antenna System analysis includes: Checking the antenna for breaks, checking the antenna for proper calibration, checking the antenna height - (Diesel Trucks), check for adequate ground, checking the antenna for proper mounting location, checking the stud mount for corrosion and proper duty, check the coax for breaks, check the coax for proper impedance.

Setting the antenna SWR with an amplifier can get involved. The antenna SWR is calibrated at the back of the amplifier with the amplifier in line and turned off. Once the antenna is properly tuned the meter is removed and re-installed at the radio with the amplifier in line. The antenna SWR level is then measured with the amp off and then with the amplifier switched on. The SWR level must be at an acceptable level at the radio under all conditions. The conditions are with the amp off on channel 40 and 1 and with the amp turned on, on all power levels of the amplifier on channel 1 and 40. Most shops don't check the SWR match at the radio with the amplifier turned on. This is a critical mistake. With these steps added the SWR calibration can turn into a multi hour event at times. We measure the SWR level with a Bird 43 watt meter resulting in a very accurate SWR measurement.

Troubleshooting and antenna system problem can take a half hour to several hours in wore case scenario's. Antenna system troubleshooting includes locating and correcting the problem and is charged by the amount of time spent to pinpoint and repair the problem.

We warrant all antennas system repairs for three months parts and labor.





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