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Antenna System analysis

At Clay's we do more than slap a meter in line, check the SWR and call it good. We perform a thorough Antenna System evaluation.

If the Antenna is or stud mount is removed locktite is installed when re-assembled.

Antenna System analysis includes: Checking the antenna for breaks, checking the antenna for proper calibration, checking the antenna height - (Diesel Trucks), check for adequate ground, checking the antenna for proper mounting location, checking the stud mount for corrosion and proper duty, check the coax for breaks, check the coax for proper impedance.

Setting the antenna SWR with an amplifier can get involved. The antenna SWR is calibrated at the back of the amplifier with the amplifier in line and turned off. Once the antenna is properly tuned the meter is removed and re-installed at the radio with the amplifier in line. The antenna SWR level is then measured with the amp off and then with the amplifier switched on. The SWR level must be correct on all power levels of the amplifier at the radio with the amplifier switched to the on position.

Most shops don't check the SWR match at the radio with the amplifier turned on. This is a critical mistake. We measure the SWR level with a Bird 43 watt meter for a very accurate SWR measurement.


Service Rates - Auto & Truck
Antenna system analysis $20.00
Antenna system analysis with an amplifier $30.00
Antenna system analysis and SWR Set - Single antenna $24.50
Antenna system analysis and SWR Set - Single antenna with an amplifier $40.00 to $50.00
Antenna system analysis and SWR Set - Dual antenna's $30.00
Antenna system analysis and SWR Set - Dual antenna's with an amplifier $50.00 to $65.00

These service rates do not include troubleshooting and repairing a problem. They apply only to a system with no problems. We will stop and inform you if a problem is detected while performing an analysis on the system. We are more than happy to give you an estimate if required.

Service Rates - Motorcycle
Due to the extreme differences from one bike and communication system to the next we simply charge for time spent on the job. The current service rate is $65.00 per hour billed in 15 minute increments. Most systems require 1-2 hours to troubleshoot, pinpoint and repair the problem or problems.
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