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Cobra CB radio model 18WXSTII

Cobra 18 WXST II
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Basics:40 CB channels with channel scan and 10 NOAA weather channels
SoundTracker® noise reduction system, dual watch allows the monitoring of 2 channels simultaneously, front-firing speaker, electronic phase lock loop tuning, last channel retention, signal strength & power meter
Controls: Power On/Off and volume/squelch, channel selector
Switch functions: dual watch, sound tracker, scan, ch 9/19, CB/WX
Dimensions: W 7" x D 6.5" x T 2"
Included Accessories: Stock mic, mic hanger clip, mounting bracket, side mounting screws, power cord, owners manual.
Warranty: 2 year MFG warranty
Condition: New Retail Box (NOT Refurbished)

List Price: $99.95 Our Price $79.95 Buy Now and Save $$$
• 40 CB channels with channel scan• 10 NOAA weather channels• SoundTracker® Noise Reduction System• Dual Watch allows the monitoring of 2 channels simultaneously • Front-firing speaker• Electronic phase lock loop tuning• Last channel retention • Signal strength & power meter

Recommended Modification (Performance Tune Up) When Performance Counts!
This Service Includes a 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our high performance tune up increases the radio's output by approximately 50%.
The receiver gain is typically 30-40% over stock specs.
You will love it!
Yes we really do align the receiver and adjust the frequency.
Most stores can't or simply don't.
This modification includes the performance enhancements to the right.
Details Turning up the Transmitter's wattage
Adjusting the modulation for maximum output without distortion.
Modifying the mic amp circuit for more gain when necessary.
Aligning the receiver for optimum signal to noise ratio.
Adjusting the squelch range
Calibrate the transmit and receive meter settings.
Frequency adjustment to zero tolerance.
Perform a complete check of all functions.
Perform a visual of the circuit board for flaws.
Radio and modifications purchase section - Purchase Instructions

Check the box to the left of the item or items you want to purchase, then click the add to cart button. If you would like more info on the modification or accessory before purchasing just click on the link below. To purchase the radio only just click the add to cart button. The radio is pre-selected for you. Note: We have a minimum radio service fee of $20. While not mandatory to add services, if service items ordered total less than $20 the service amount will be adjusted to $20.

Cobra 18 WXSTII at Only $79.95  
Performance tune up - $45 - more info
Echo installed - $69.95 - more info   or   Super echo installed - $79.95 - more info
Extreme Noise filtration installed - $44.95 - more info
Talkback - $12.50 - more info    or   Talkback on an existing switch - $19.50 - more info

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Usually ships within 1-2 business days. Please add an additional 2-3 days to ship when services are added - Details

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Notice: Internal modifications of any type void type acceptance granted by the FCC. If you intend to operate a modified transceiver within the Continental United States you may be in violation of Part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations. We recommend reading and familiarizing yourself with part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations before operating a transceiver.
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